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16 April 2010


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An Army of One

Since Miami-Dade bus service is a publically funded mass transportation agency, isn’t displaying religious ads on these buses in violation of the separation of church and state laws? Sue them on that point (it would be an easy win)and get their ads off the busses!


I wonder if the ads could be replaced with a little re-wording?

"Fatwa on your head?" and "Is your family or community threatening you?" is, I think the crux of the complaints. While both may be accurate, they're just a bit too politically incorrect to have much success in our PC, dhimmi-leaning society.

I think SIOA would have more success with basic advertisements:

"Questions About Islam?" (toll free phone number to true comments about islam, with quran verses, such as killing non-muslims or beating women. Have each call randomly receive a different message about islam or muhammad)

"Freedom From Religion - Islamic Apostates speak out" (Phone or web. Have inspiring messages by Apostates speaking about why they left. Offer advice for leaving.)

In another post, a JihadWatch reader mentioned toning it down, and Robert Spencer replied, "Everyone tones down what they say in order to placate the Muslims. Ultimately that is the road to Sharia and dhimmitude."

I have to agree with the reader on this. Toning it down isn't about placating muslims, but about easing in a harsh reality into our denying society. Introduce the campaign gently and test the boundaries a bit more with each new advertisement.

Start simple and ambiguous. Then start hitting harder.

I will support whatever SIOA does, but this is just my opinion.

Muslim hate idiots

LOl, so Muslims will leave Islam coz of this great campaign.
get a life.

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