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10 April 2010


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Islam gave me freedom from the lies and deception I had previously been following, especially from the corruption of propagandists with agendas like this site.

haver yavani

May God bless you, Pamela and Robert!


Great site.

No problem providing information for people moving from Islam to Christianity, but please be up front in your description about the "Answering Islam" site. The site name and description are misleading in that they totally hide half of the purpose of the Answering Islam site, as stated by that site's bi-line: "christian-muslim dialog".

Just 3 sentences above you invite initiates of "some other religion" and even of "no religion at all", then you direct these victims of Muslim proselytization and belligerence to a site where they will be proselytized to by Christian apologists. Of course you are legally allowed to proselytize to anybody, including vulnerable people seeking refuge, but couldn't you show some compassion and just "defend" them in their time of need, per the stated purpose of your site here?



I have to say, although this is certainly a noble project that needs exposure, I'm not very impressed with the options of "contact the local police" and then, if that doesn't work, public attention.

I'd think one of the last things an Apostate - especially a woman or underage teen - would want is public attention, and I am doubtful local law enforcement even has the ability to protect them, certainly not long term.

Women need shelter and way to gain independence from family, so its good to see some shelters taking part. But I wonder if they are capable of dealing with, not only an abusive husbands, but abusive brothers, fathers, sons, and even male members of the community who are unrelated.

And as we are witnessing in the Rifqa Bary case, children fleeing from islam open a whole new can of legal worms.

I'd like to see SIOA start muslimah friendly shelters that can protect women from male family members and ease her transition from islam (if she chooses) while preparing her for an independent life.

I'd also like to see SIOA start a Q&A type billboard service to answer questions about islam, maybe even post most common questions and answers on the billboards themselves.

I believe in SIOA, and I have made a modest contribution. I realize the organization is new and may take some time to reach its stride. Just tossing out a few ideas.


This site is a good idea...You can work out any bugs as you go...I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions for how to do that...

 Amwiser Kafira

You guys are original Bravehearts! I would contact the local jiujitsu clubs for physical bodyguard if needed! They might be willing to donate their services for the cause!


From France where we are in the front line,
We are with you !


Dear SIOA,

"You have a right to be free." is the best possible opening but it's followed by "The freedom of conscience is guaranteed by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18."

The UN isn't the source of rights and anyone who knows anything about, or the makeup of the UN might not feel too comforted by its Human Rights declarations.

Perhaps you can mine something from Ayn Rand:


Get help. from whom? you? That's a joke! Help yourself first.

Did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. We're here to stay Sr. Pamela and you can't do nothing about it.

This is our country. This country was founded by people who believed in God. Did you know that the American constitution has more in common with Islam than anything else?

I think the best bet for anyone searching for peace and happiness is in Islam. You wanna know why? We'll tell you why at You can even call 1-877-WHY-ISLAM and we'll tell you why :)

Vinny the Hand

It's truely a shame when in USA the Evil Islamic people have political pull. I remember a time not so long ago that people here stood up for their faith, now we have so many outsiders immigrating here and a sorry federal govt. that stands by and fails in it's only job...protecting the citizens. They say we have a threat of Islamic terrorist's yet their actions deny that, by leaving our borders wide open! The time is coming and now is that we must fight the dark forces of Islam. Miami newspaper has pulled the advertisement for this site and in Chicago the city busses are mobile billboards for Islam. We all need to contact and boycott any and all organisations promoting this hate group posing as a religion called Islam.


really people .. get a life n go fuck yourselfs.. no body is leaving islam.. u know why?.. cuz they love their religion..n you keep living your lifes like idiots who know nothing but eat n fuck each others like a bunch of pigs..

Blaine Simpson

Re eddie:

If you are so certain that nobody will leave your perfect religion, then the SIOA campaigns are entirely useless, as they will have no clients. You should be very happy. You may want to make a tax-exempt contribution, to perpetuate these useless campaigns which distract these anti-Islamists from saying nasty things about Muhammad.


I hope that you take advantage of the services being offered, and that, after you are safe yourself, you can offer advice here for others in similar situations. You can see right here that people like "eddie" consider critics of Islam to be sub-human. As a defector, you are not only viewed as a pig, but a pig who deserves to be butchered. I hope you take some comfort knowing that, even though it may look like nobody in America believes that any "real" Muslim would look at you this way, SIOA both understands and commiserates with you


Islam is the only perfect religion.


I think instead of fighiting Islam in that ugly way, you have to understand it first. Actually converting from Islam to any religion will not affect the Islam itself at all, and i advice you all to see how many people around the world converting to Islam. Also you have to listen to the other side of the island to be sure that you are follwing the right direction.

Thanks you all, and May Allah guide you to the right way.


Admins: I suggest that you heavily moderate comments at this site.

Debating the benefits of Islam back and forth has little benefit to victims of Islam, who are the primary intended audience here. This is an explicit advocacy site just like the Calling Islam site, and there should be no expectation for free debate.

The "blessings" comments are also counter-productive. Those who are victims of Islam are probably ready to puke from thousands of pleasant reminders about the gracious Allah. Our apostates will be all too aware that these aggressive proselytizers are motivated by their belief that Allah hovers above waiting (impatiently) to annihilate deniers.


assalammualaikum,we all nkow that all people have rites too choose god for thier beliving,but do u all who dont like islam know were is your faith, your truly faith,u all say that islam is terrorist,but u who kill hundred thousand young child at palastine,iraq,afganistan,bosnia,chenya thats all muslim people, like u just say freedom for religous,but do u know that u just lie to your own god what faith was that?,we are muslim never change anything about our faith on al'quran and never change anything law that being giving to us abaout islam,u must ask to your self y im still alife?i'm just say that may your god not lie 2 u about your faith,remember allah are always with all muslim people,dont try make any stupid ,u c me and i c u

Adeline Lindholm

Is this offer of aid valid to apostates who are fleeing for life from Islam outside of the United States?


I left Islam and I'm from Saudi Arabia but your website is disgusting. You are evangelists who have only one purpose, which is to convert people and your country USA is the most evil thing ever existed on earth, more evil then Islam.

Peaceful American

I also left Islam.

Your methodology leaves a lot to be desired. Go to the police, and public exposure? Your site would cause me to run. As soon as I read the sites that back this group I cringed. I smell 'public agenda to promote our group'' in the air. Those leaving Islam want anything but public attention. Rifqa Bary is an exception, though she had much more logical choices.

Sites/groups that do not bother to study Islam, quote verses out of context, and promote the hate of a religion do not bode well with a peaceful exit of a religion. I also firmly believe one has a choice to not practice any religion.

You list women's shelters. Most women's shelters in the US are overcrowded with battered American (Christian) women. Their battering has nothing to do with religion, yet their lives are in danger. Daily. Many shelters are seriously low in funding. Donating to a worthy cause would begin with abused women AND children in the U.S. It's an epidemic.

Be realistic. If you sincerely want to help people, do it quietly out of the goodness of your heart, as opposed to using ex muslims to promote websites, youtube, and Christian organizations who want to gain points. You cannot promote peace by bashing religions you do not agree with.


GOD BLESS YOU for this blog. I read about the blog in the NY DAILY NEWS (article today - may 26th) and ITS ABOUT TIME!

Basically - the islamic 'faith' has been perverted by radicals into the demonic 'jihad' movement- and i truly believe ALL Westerners are at risk in coming years.

The demographics are scary in most muslim countries = most of them having 50% + of the pop under the age of 30 - highly unemployed- angry-and out for blood- our blood.

However- if you look at their birth rate- it is staggering- and soon Islam will be (if its not already) the dominant world religion.

I am very concerned as - to me- islam (in its current state) is not a religion - but a demonic cult........

So- i hope your message is heard-and resonates with more people.

One last thing- where is the woman's lib movement in all of this- or are they not concerned that if the trajectory continues - they will be forced not to drive, to learn, and to cover their bodies and basically be kept like a dog by their master?
I would think women in general would be much more concerned than they are by what is happening.....

anyway- thanks for giving me a place to ramble -and GOOD LUCK

i think this website is wasteless.if anyone needs help ,they have to had 2 call the police right away.BUT if anyone wants to be a desprate CELEB on this website and be on on TV ,the would send the word plz help to this websit
i am a muslim.i'm proud of my relegion.i love my one gorced me to do relegion taught me with the good morals .we do not honor killing.LOOK IN THE QURAN u'll see that killing has no place in our relegion.
this website is USELESS .stop fighting our relegion plz.

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