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21 April 2010


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Victory! Keep up the good work! Just thought that you guys should put ads up on the web since you'll probably stand to reach tons more Muslims who may be thinking of bailing out of The Great Lie.

Suresh Vyas

Here I share some general info about islaam, and how to keep it out of the kafir lands of the world.

- History shows that when and where islaam comes in, peace goes out.

_ Islaam has spread by two ways: 1) by producing children with four wives like pigs, and 2) by invasions and forcible conversions.

-If the young generation studies a few major religions of the world to find out which religion is able to cause world peace, they will see that Islaam has no ability to cause peace. Islam is very much able to cause wars, loss of freedom, and it does not allow independent critical thinking.

- Of all the people of the world, the Hindus of India have suffered from islaam the most. Islaam invasions in India since 1000 years have caused 56,000,000 Hindus' genocide, and the world does not know it.

- Islaam does not accept any democratic gov.. Therefore, any Muslim living in a democratic country is a hypocrite Muslim. Therefore, they either need to quite islaam, or quit the democratic country.

- All the Muslim countries have only Islaam as the legal religion. Therefore, all the democratic countries need to declare Islaam as the illegal religion. When this is done by grass root actions, it will become more easy to check islaam in kafir countries.

- Islaam demands the followers' alliance with Islam, not with the counrtry/land or constitution of kafir countries.

- When the forefathers of USA made the constitution, they did not know that Islaams' terrorism and strategies and tactics to take over could be a grave threat to freedom. They did not have slightest idea that islaam could be a threat at all. Now we know well it after 9/11, and therefore we Americans need to amend the constitution declaring islaam illegal in USA. The constitution need to be in accordance with the known truths, else it will not be able to protect life, liberty, and justice for all.

If Americans do not wake up and act, the islaam-cancer will spread beyond control, and then in USA you will see only the burquas, mosques, minarets, madressas, and mullas. No churches, temples or synagogs or music. The whole US constitution will be replaced by sharia that gives no freedom.


Great work. I would like to see these placards in all big American cities on all the buses. Start by expanding to Minneapolis!

I think this is an effective way to get people to mull over the idea of Islam and "breaking away" from it. Who imagines that Muslims would want to leave their "religion of peace"? Better to get them thinking about something they know little or nothing about than just reacting to what they hear. Obviously it would be a service to Muslims as well.

On a large scale, this would probably be the most cost-effective way to alert city folks (the ones who need it most) to the fact that Islam enjoys operating under a cloak of ignorance and deception. For now.

Thank you for you important work.

Account Deleted

i just wanna ask a question what is wrong with u and islam u think that islam isnt a peace religion and muslims arent peaceful humans so ur wrong like always .is israel the peaceful religion ???? plz dont say yes bec who are u kidden the humans in palastine and iraq are been killed . u have no degnity .u wanna talk about islam i will tell u about islam . islam is the religion of forgiveness the religion that say dont lie ,dont cheat ,dont steal the religion of equality the poor man have the same rights as the president the woman has the same rights as the men . in islam there isnt any difference about the color of ur skin or the color of ur hair in islam we are all equal in islam u wanna know why pork is forbeddin bec it kill u how can u eat some thing that eats trash and mud . and tell me one reason why would u leave it after what u read and u know sth i am not scared of u u asked for my facebook and i gave it to u and u mr .author has to read it before publishing it .if u america is a democratic country publish this comment oof mine bec u have to take all the opinion or what u said so many bad thing about us muslims but there is sth that u have to know we are not cowards .the muslim in the east love the christian u are the ones that have no democracy ur the one who are afraid of ur shadows .we muslims in palestine fight with rocks while u fight with guns annd bombs and have shelids not afraid to die u know why bec israel took everything we own what else do u want . but we wont die every hero dies another one will take his place and i am not sying all this to make a fight its a point of view. thx very much

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