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    Chris Dunn

    JUST FYI since you you mentioned NRA......

    PROCTORVILLE  — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland visited Lawrence County Monday to talk about the Second Amendment and kiss some babies, but he brought along the support of the National Rifle Association of America.

    Strickland spoke to a crowd of about 50 supporters outside Todd’s Sporting Goods, accepting the endorsement of the NRA.

    “We will be urging every gun owner and hunter in Ohio to vote Ted Strickland for governor on Nov. 2,” said NRA Political Victory Fund Chairman Chris Cox in a press release.

    I'm sure John Kasich supports gun rights why can't they endorse him? They also announced support for Harry Reid. Their reasoning is that if Reid is defeated, Dick Durbin or Charles Shummer will take over the Senate Majority Leader post as they don't think enough other senators will be defeated to propell Mitch McConnel into the seat. That has "some" logic but while the republicans probably won't win the senate they will pick up seats making passage of anything Durbin or Shummer want to do next to impossible. Then there is the likelihood that the republicans will take the House back again, making any anti gun legislation unlikely. Then there is the Supreme Court which currently has ruled in favor of gun rights on constitutional grounds.

    The NRA's actions are puzzling at best and disappointing. Not sure we want any of them to be precinct captains! Just sayin'

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